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Computers for Home and Office at Everyday Low Price
Work smarter and faster with a desktop/laptop computer powering your productivity. Easy to upgrade and packed with features, we have Laptops, towers, and all-in-one packages to suit everyone from students to professionals. Our everyday and performance PCs / LAPs have the speed, power, and performance required for both work and play.

Networking (Wired / Wireless or Cloud)

The first decision you will need to make about your new network is whether you would like it to be wired or completely wireless. These two methods obviously have their upsides and downsides, but either one is suitable for your business needs.
Wired (or Ethernet) networks are said to be extremely reliable, economical, secure, and easy to install. If you have a lot of components you would like to access the Internet with, however, you might opt for a wireless network, which allows you to have broadband access from a distance. Wireless networks have become very easy to install as well, thanks to Wi-Fi. You also eliminate the need for wires or cords in a wireless network so that one so fast, clean, and smart.

Computer Repairs

Computer and laptop repairs and upgrades. A slow-running machine? We can give your computer/ laptop a basic service starting from Rs.1000 and will quote you for anything more complicated than this before starting work. Virus removal, Backup & Recovery experts…
We will bring your home computer back to life

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